Elvium: A modern and intuitive recruitment system from Denmark

Recruitment and selection of the correct candidate for the vacant available position in your company have always been challenging and is part of the critical human resources functions in any business. Hiring the right candidate for your company can positively affect your turnover rate, company culture, production and ultimately your bottom-line.


We  proudly brought to you a modern and intuitive recruitment system from Denmark, Elvium is designed to ensure professional applicant handling that could improve the way companies manage their candidate onboarding experience and enhance your employer brand strategy.


 A new and modern way to handle recruitment

  • Elvium is an easy-to-use recruitment software that offers significant time savings when you hire candidates (You will experience more efficient work processes throughout the entire recruitment process.


What to Expect?

  • Professional applicant handling (online-applications straight to your career center)
  • Less administrative work (reducing unnecessary costs)
  • Customizable to your needs (options to customize your product experience)
  • Raising the quality in your work processes
  • User-friendly design and handling
  • A strategic partner in your digitalization of HR


What makes Elvium unique?

  • The easiest system on the market – for both candidates and recruiters
  • Simple and intuitive online help
  • The only system with smart ranking and objective screening of candidates
  • Integrated Competence Module with both hard and soft-skills
  • Works on all platforms (mobile, tablet, and PC / Mac)
  • Integrated Dropbox and Google Drive upload (improved candidate experience)
  • Modern features like video- recruiting and integration with Social Media

We are providing real-time demo to showcase our product. Please click link http://bit.ly/Elvium-Q3 or feel free to whatapps us at 018-6669039 or email us at enquiry@q3solutions.com.my if you have any inquiry.


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