Today’s companies face lot of challenges when it comes to dealing with basic HR matters; from recruitment, up to how the company’s engagement with the employees. There are bewildering arrays of HR issues that need to be faced and encountered by the Management. We at Q3 Management Solutions can assists, by guiding and supporting the Company, in the handling of daily Human Resource tasks more efficiently & accurately, set and focus on accomplishing long-term strategic goals, raise employee performance and engagement & retention, in a cost-effective manner.

Whether you have a specific Human Resource need, or seek relief by outsourcing altogether, we keep employers covered.  We can be engaged as your team members or simply steps in as needed on a project basis.

Some of the HR services are:-

1) Engagement

Providing organizations the necessary knowledge and tools in planning engagement strategies.

2) Recruitment

Guiding and advising on recruitment matters and provide practical tools to support the selection, recruitment and on-boarding of employees.

3) Compensation & Benefits

Advising on matters concerning Compensation & Benefits, which includes, managing the personnel expenses budget, setting the performance standards, setting the transparent compensation policies and introducing the competitive benefits for employees.

4) IR / Disciplinary Matters

Providing advice, recommendation and tools on the drafting of appointment letters, show cause letters, notice of inquiry, dismissal letters, etc., preparing for and conducting domestic inquiries, including providing training to prosecutors and panel members, and preparation for conciliation with industrial relations officers.

5) Payroll

Providing outsourced Payroll Services that would benefits Organizations in terms of reducing the extensive time taken in managing the payroll process, cost effectiveness in conducting the services and ensuring accuracy of the data provided to the necessary regulatory body.

6) HR Information System

Giving advice on the selection and providing the necessary computerized system that supports the administrative HR matters of the Organizations.