The starting point of this initiative is to support our local communities in this time of need. By putting money back into the communities, the economic multiplier effect will be substantial.

Why do we exist?

To supply PPEs to needed hospitals and Medical Centers

To assist companies or individuals who are looking to donate PPEs to respective hospitals

To support in overcoming shortages of PPEs in the fight against COVID19

To increase the protection of frontliners by providing premium quality PPEs.

Supporting B40s among the tailoring industry in Malaysia where at the same time boosting our local economy by reducing external cash outflow. With more local spending, our kickstarting of the Malaysia economy will be faster to curb the impact of this Covid19 crisis.

The Products

The products

How we create community and social network?

This PPEs are made locally by our B40s community among the tailoring industry in Malaysia.

Contact us for further enquiry on how to purchase OR donate the PPEs to our frontliners.

Email to with hashtag #PPECovid19