Under the new CMCO, businesses are required to record every customer’s details such as name, IC, contact details, as well as time & date of their visit. Businesses can now comply to MCO Guidelines with our FREE Digital & Secure Stamp & Go Web solution to fast-track recording of customer information without the hassle of paperwork!

Q3 Management Solutions in collaboration with Infinitilab, aims to help small & large businesses to get back to business as quickly as possible. With Stamp & Go, businesses no longer need to worry about recording names of customers & misplacing their personal details. 

Main Benefits:

REDUCE CONTACT: Customers simply scan the QR code using their mobile phone.
QUICK & EASY: Register & get a QR code instantly for your premise.
NO DOWNLOADS: No mobile app required. Just set it up directly from your web browser.
PRIVACY PROTECTION: Customers’ personal info is masked & full personal data will not be shared with businesses for privacy protection.
CONVENIENT: One-time quick registration for customers.

Register your FREE Digital & Secure Stamp & Go here and enjoy your hassle free temperature check registration.