Influencer Session on “Sustaining a Service Culture for Competitive Advantage”.

An effective Quality Assurance Programme drives a variety of strategic objectives including enhanced Customer Experience, better frontline engagement, empowered team leaders, improved training curricula, and on-going innovation in quality standard. It begins with the understanding of a culture of service, strong service vision, the development of clear standards and the provision of continuous measurement and improvement. We […]

Onboarding Experience: Engaging from day ONE

In most companies, they acknowledge the importance of welcoming new family members. But let’s face the facts, once the new family comes onboard, some of us will smile and say “Welcome. You should be proud to work here. Please fit in accordingly” and hope that the person will adjust well within 3 to 6 months. […]

Delegate: If You Want Your Business To Grow

  A good leader does not micromanage. He uses his valuable time to tackle what’s truly important. And this leads to greater success for him and his organization.  As Leader is expected to take charge of the overall direction of the team, they might be buried in the small details and lose seeing the big picture and fails […]


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