To create a culture of Corporate Governance in a company, the understanding, implementation and enforcement of the Three-Lines of Defense, as expounded by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), is a basic requirement that is necessary to be undertaken.

We at Q3 Management Solutions provide services that assist companies in achieving the desired structure of the Three Lines of Defense. The services on offer are:

  1. Management or Compliance Review

  2. Enterprise Risk Management

  3. HR and Operational Audit

  4. Development of Policies & Procedures

  5. Review and assessment of current Internal Control environment and recommend structure and process improvements

  6. Risk Awareness and Profiling support

  7. Assist in the development of Risk Management Framework

  8. Assist in the preparation of Risk Profile / Register

  9. Development of Internal Audit Charter and Terms of Reference of Audit Committee

  10. Outsourced Internal Audit activities