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First Impression makes a lasting impact. It is not only create positive impressions with your clients and prospect but also boost up your confidence and daily energy level. The aim of this workshop is to equip you with the necessary skills to ensure your personal and professional image up to the corporate image standard and feel more confident about changes you want to make to your image


  • Creating a Positive Professional Image that aligns with organization’s standard.
  • Learning the best ways to create that lasting positive impression to enhance your natural beauty so you feel more stylish and confident.
  • Assisting participants in selecting proper office attire for business
  • Revealing the ‘secret’ of body language
  • Identifying the element of positive impression
  • Learning the basic make-up and simple hair-do


Theory, Demonstration, Role-play & more practical sessions.

For Whom

Junior Executives, front-liners etc.

No. of Participants

25 persons max


2 days


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