Sexual Harassment

In Malaysia, the Ministry of Human Resources has formulated a Code of Practice against Sexual Harassment in 1999 and the Code has several recommendations for an employer to observe. Recently, the amendments to the Employment Act 1955 have also imposed legal obligations on the employer to investigate sexual harassment complaints.

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Over the last decade, more organisations have been paying attention to the topic of power abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace.

With harassment claims litigating for millions of dollars, the liability risk to an organisation is enormous. All organisations, regardless of their size, must have policies and procedures in place to prevent power and sexual harassment and to address the issue when it occurs.

Employees, including managers and supervisors, must be trained in the organisation’s power abuse and sexual harassment policy. They must understand that harassment can lead to disciplinary action which includes termination.


By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

    • Understanding basic civil rights protections in the workplace
    • Recognising the different types of power and sexual harassment in workplace
    • Create a respectful workplace culture
    • Develop approaches to minimise and avoid workplace harassment
    • Ways to best investigate harassment claims


Theory, Demonstration.

For Whom

Management and Non-Management.

No. of Participants

25 persons max


1 day


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