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Event: Marks the end of a successful Sales & Marketing Conference 2018

The Sales & Marketing Conference 2018 that took place at Pullman Bangsar  with sales and marketing staff from around the country gathering for this two-days event.  Sales  and marketing staff shared experiences, targets and looked at plans and projections for 2019. Keynote address and official opening from Datuk Michael Kang, The National President of SME Association of Malaysia remarked the the annual sales & marketing conference is a great way to bring the entire sales team together to review the past year and look ahead to the next. In addition to celebrating these collaboration we are experiencing a significant, sustained period of growth globally, which has allowed us to increase our staff, expand the number of trading partners to extend our reach in more locations and grow our product range.  We have also invested substantially in our staff – training and developing our greatest assets are vital to our sustained success.

Collaboration is an effective way for foundations to increase their impact and engage a broader audience on a key issue. Whether your foundation partners with private sector, government, the strategies and alignment must be build through own internal people, processes and system strength.

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