Creating a Winning Business Plan Workshop

Knowing the ways to improve profitability of your business is very important to succeed. You have probably heard about businesses who have a huge customer base, but they have to shut down due to financial reasons. This is because they do not have a strategic plan that outlines how their business will achieve profitability. As part […]

Work & Play: Sound like a dream? …

How do you keep up with the rapid development of your company whilst ensuring hard working employees remain efficient and highly motivated? There are many ways to promote the highly motivated organisation and enhance the “Work & Play”, and that’s depending on the maturity and the culture values of an organisations. I would share some […]

Gov-ernance is Back

Does bad corporate behavior lead to poor financial outcomes? Corporate governance failures have been easy to spot in recent years, with business headlines dominated by corporates that have failed to ensure that they are run according to robust rules, guidelines and business strategies. With companies held under much more scrutiny by their various stakeholders – […]

Employment Insurance System Nationwide Roadshow by PERKESO

  SIP_Roadshow_1_of_4-EIS_Design SIP_Roadshow_2_of_4-Interim_2018 Q&A Sessions in today’s session. Q: How will SOCSO handle false claim of sexual harassment? A: All sexual harassment reports will be verified with clear clarification and proof.   Q: Does EIS covers foreign workers? A: No, EIS does not covers foreign workers, however this might be temporary.  Please refer to  retrenchment guidelines (LIFO)   […]

Elvium: A modern and intuitive recruitment system from Denmark

Recruitment and selection of the correct candidate for the vacant available position in your company have always been challenging and is part of the critical human resources functions in any business. Hiring the right candidate for your company can positively affect your turnover rate, company culture, production and ultimately your bottom-line.   We  proudly brought […]

Talent Management & Succession Planning: How do we bridge the gap?

The 2017 Regional Talent Management & Succession Planning conference is over but the lesson learned and take away from it can be implemented straight away. First of all, one must understand the key components of effective talent management process A clear understanding of the organisation’s current and future business strategies. The position of Human Resource […]

Human Resource Summit 2017

A successful partnership and co-organising Human Resource Summit 2017 event. Moderating all the panels discussions by  bringing together leading HR practitioners with renowned solution providers for a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping the new HR era. Proudly brought to you by MyFreelys Academy,  the main organizers with organising partner, Q3 Management Solutions  for the […]

2 days Mastering People Management & Development for Non-HR Workshop

Q3 Management Solutions has successfully conducted another training programme titled “Mastering People Management & Development for Non-HR (HR for Non-HR)” for a GLC. The training seeks to equip the Management of the Company with the relevant know-how of People Management, which is a prerequisite of a successful and profitable company. With the advent of technology, […]