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Employment Insurance System Nationwide Roadshow by PERKESO




Q&A Sessions in today’s session.

Q: How will SOCSO handle false claim of sexual harassment?

A: All sexual harassment reports will be verified with clear clarification and proof.


Q: Does EIS covers foreign workers?

A: No, EIS does not covers foreign workers, however this might be temporary.  Please refer to  retrenchment guidelines (LIFO)


Q: Is it compulsory for company to contribute to EIS?



Q: For IR court cases, how would the pay-out be managed?

A: No pay-out will be made until the IR court has made its decision on the case.


Q: Is MSS / VSS covered under EIS?

A: Yes


Q: When is the deadline for the contribution?

A: It is compulsory for all companies, however there is no enforcement within the interim period.


Q: Is it compulsory for workers at the age of 57 to contribute to EIS for the first time?

A: Under section 4 – if he has already registered – YES. If this the first time, NO


Q: Who is responsible to made report/ claim after the retrenchment?

A: Workers


Q: Must the EIS be back dated, as per salary increment?

A: Depends on the months of increment. (if salary was backdated, EIS also need to be backdated)


Q: What is the method of payment of EIS monthly?

A: Similar to SOCSO contribution, except the payment must be separated (2 accounts)


Q: If the worker was terminated and is doing his/her own business, are they eligible for the EIS?

A: Not entitled. However, if they can proof that they in the process of applying jobs, they can claim.


Q: Do workers under Fixed Term contract need to contribute?

A: Yes


Q: Do worker under Fixed Term contract entitled for EIS claim after contract expired/end?

A: No


Disclaimer: All of the answers written were derived from the ones given by the SOCSO panels during the Roadshow. Please visit SOCSO’s website or visit them to know further.”


















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