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A World of Difference: Respecting & Valuing Diversity & Inclusivity at Workplace

It is simple to say Diversity and Inclusivity can drive businesses, but we are not surrounded by business every day. Nevertheless, workplace can be a place for us to respect differences including in our thoughts and opinions.

What is the meaning of respecting others and having inclusive culture at workplace?

1) People adjust into workplace culture differently
Be a person who respects other people’s principles and beliefs. Allow them to take some time to understand the job and the culture. This will also avoid our unconscious biasness to fester and encourage corporation and willingness to learn new things.

2) Promoting innovation
By allowing other colleagues to express their opinion, and ideas, we are promoting inclusivity at workplace and make them feel welcomed.

3) Listen without judgment, and listen to understand
No one is perfect and that’s why pencils have erasers. Looking back to my corporate days, most people are looking at someone that is similar to them and assume that is how the corporate should work. I always believe that different individuals have their own strengths and weaknesses and the company’s role is to be transparent, train, mentor and coach them and improve the productivity as whole.

4) The Leaders are there to Mentor and Coach them
The Leaders are there to Mentor and Coach them, so, make sure we know what the differences are. A good leader will know how to differentiate between a good worker and the one that likes to flatter and please. Fairness and transparency could help in the journey to build-up another good leader that promotes inclusive and respectful culture.

5) Respecting co-workers’ creativity
With so many diverse minds coming and working together, more challenges can be solved using their individual way of thinking, operating and solving problems.

To summarize about Diverse and Inclusive Culture based on article

  1. Diversity and inclusion require distinct acknowledgement and understanding
  2. However, diversity and inclusion are interrelated
  3. There are three key components to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace

In a nutshell. companies or leaders that promotes inclusivity and encourage diversity at workplace will inspire their employees to perform to their highest ability, productivity and performance.

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