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Sharing Session at Malls HR networks

Get to know other HR professionals for the shopping malls, share what “keeps you awake at night.”  You will find other’s probably have similar concerns, learn what worked for them, what resources they use and discuss what resources are of value for you. A great way to start our journey in  2017!

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Prior to the Internet age, shopping meant going to the mall and buying stuff there. These days, a lot of people, especially the young, buy what they want online.

It’s not surprising then that shopping malls are facing tough times. The key task for HR is to help shape a highly skilled, engaged and productive workforce and discover new sources of attracting talent. Future of retail is very certain with major retail expansion, shortage of talented staff, and competition between organisations to attract the best of the available talent, creating new talent to meet their demands and retaining them. HR’s role in retail industry  has changed with times and it will adapt and improvise itself in the coming future as well.

With similarity on the product offering, it balls back to SERVICE… SERVICE… SERVICE


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