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People management: Improving Employees Experiences


Applying customer experience strategy to employee experiences can begins with the basic engagement which outlines the steps of welcoming them and continues with the employment life cycle as follows:

1) Recruitment Strategy- sourcing and recruiting

It’s important that all your ‘soon-to-be’ talents have great candidate experiences and first impressions of your organization. Get the right Recruitment personnel and focus on your organization’s Employer branding and recruiting practices.

2) Onboarding (welcome pack & orientation)

An effective onboarding will make a significant difference in how the new family adapted to new place and has other long-term impacts for your organization. The first 100 days are crucial.

3) Compensation and benefits package

‘What is in for me?’ Change is what troubles most people due to the transaction from the present to the future.   It is not all about the Ringgit and Sen only, the new team roles and culture, the new manager, the new procedure, the engagement strategy also play a part in assimilating a new recruit into the organisation.

Hence, organisations need to ensure that the following areas are well defined and managed in order to improve employee experiences, before, during and after, working with them.

  1. Ongoing Learning and Career Development
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Rewards and recognition
  4. Retirement, termination or resignation

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