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How does work/life balance looks like for an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur, 24 hours in a day never seem to be enough, is it? Would 36 or even 48 hours be considered sufficient? Well, when we are constantly responding to emails from our mobile phone every single hour, we know that we are busy and do not have enough time in our hands and guess what? The emails will keep on coming.

Entrepreneurs often work harder, and longer, more than any typical employees. It is not a 9-6 jobs, there is no weekends, and certainly no guaranteed holidays. Most of the time we neglect certain areas of our lives in the struggle to just stay alive.

These simple steps might help us entrepreneurs to at least have a sense of work-life balance:-

1.        Planning a schedule ahead!

Dedicating time to the most important tasks is the key. And to do this, we need a planned schedule, set deadlines and sometimes reschedule stuff more than twice.

2.       Structure and set standard processes

Plan accordingly and do things in the same standard that will ensure the same quality output, uniformity of performance, less possibility of making mistakes and the task can be delegated from one to another without hesitation.

3.       Prioritize, delegate and empower

Stop micromanaging. Doing everything ourselves doesn’t serve our desire for work-life-balance. The more tasks we delegate, the more time we would have to ourselves to focus on what is important and with standard processes being followed, we can be sure that the monitoring and control are in place.

4.       Get Assistance

Being an entrepreneur does not mean that we must do everything ourselves. We do need assistance on certain things that we do. Getting help won’t make us incompetent but in some conditions, it supports and drives the business to success. Outsourcing of non-added value tasks might be the smart thing to do. Building smart partnership with other businesses can also grow our business perfectly.

5.       Learn & Re-learn

Keep ourselves updated on current issues and trends. The ability to learn, re-learn, and re-skill can make an entrepreneur maintain a certain amount of energy and momentum in doing what they do best in business.

We, the entrepreneurs, ultimately do the work that we do because we want a better life for ourselves and loved ones. Finding the perfect work-life balance for ourselves will take some experimentations, but how we define our work-life balance, it’s really up to us. Most importantly is that we keep our personal and family relationships intact while building our businesses.

So, let find time for ourselves and let our people know that they are an important aspect of the business by empowering and trusting them with tasks. Do acknowledge when we don’t know how to proceed, and get assistance. Embrace continuous learning culture in order to be relevant in the market. Love and give ourselves some time to relax to avoid frustration. Taking a break, once in a while, should not be an issues but should act as a motivation each time we are away for a break!

So let’s enjoy our weekends!

Q3 – Questions & Queries met with Quality solutions 

“Leisure is not about time you spend for work-life balance, but how and who you spend your time with it” 


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