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2 days Mastering People Management & Development for Non-HR Workshop

Q3 Management Solutions has successfully conducted another training programme titled “Mastering People Management & Development for Non-HR (HR for Non-HR)” for a GLC. The training seeks to equip the Management of the Company with the relevant know-how of People Management, which is a prerequisite of a successful and profitable company. With the advent of technology, i.e. information available on our finger tips, it is pertinent for every person managing a company to be able to rely on their knowledge on relevant rules and regulations in order to effectively and efficiently managed their personnel and processes undertaken by the personnel.

The enthusiastic responses given by the participants towards the training revealed their thirst for knowledge and us at Q3 Management Solutions are proud to be part of their journey in strengthening and reinforcing their People Management foundations. We hope that this journey will be a start to a successful and sustainable relationship.

Day 1

Day 2

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