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Are you ready to embrace big data?

Big data adds several new high-volume data sources to the chain of information. Several new and enhanced data management and data analysis approaches definitely help in the management of big data. Creating analytics from the available data can help in prioritising information in a big way and also provide its business value.
This strategic data management will also assist in combating illicit financial activities and mitigate any possible risks.

What is big data?

There is no hard and fast rule about exactly what size a database needs to be in order for the data inside of it to be considered “big.” Instead, what typically defines big data is the need for new techniques and tools in order to be able to process it. In order to use big data, you need programs which span multiple physical and/or virtual machines working together in concert in order to process all of the data in a reasonable span of time.

Getting programs on multiple machines to work together in an efficient way, so that each program knows which components of the data to process, and then being able to put the results from all of the machines together to make sense of a large pool of data takes special programming techniques. Since it is typically much faster for programs to access data stored locally instead of over a network, the distribution of data across a cluster and how those machines are networked together are also important considerations which must be made when thinking about big data problems.

Are you ready to embrace big data?

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