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Handover after resignation, it is important?


The answer is yes!

The best thing you can do during your notice period is to create thorough documentation on the sorts of things that you suspect people might not know after you’re gone. Processes, passwords, the status of various projects, current and pending. Get it all down in writing, and make sure that anyone who might need it knows where it is.

For the employee who takes over the role and the job, please take your time to read the handover note. As much you want to change things according to your preference and style, remember the work done previously are moulded by the culture and practises of the organisation.

What is a handing over report?

A handing over report is given by the resigned person to the successor or company towards the end of a person notice period.  Normally it is a hard copy document to make the successor understand the condition and job requirement for that role.

How to write a handing over report?

The format of handovers will vary depending on the position, but the incoming employee should spend at least a couple of hours with the staff member who is leaving if possible. If it’s a key role, it might even be worthwhile bringing the new employee in early for work to shadowing.

The following details must be written in the handing over report:

  • What duties to be performed.
  • General area which the person is responsible for.
  • Project completed recently
  • Current project in hand
  • Major problem faced while running the project
  • The procedure and current system must be clearly written.
  • Make sure it covers a description of the employee’s tasks and processes, unique knowledge, project deadlines, key contacts, any ongoing issues, and details of log-ins, passwords or where keys are kept.
  • Apart from this, any major or minor points which can be helpful for the on signer while performing the duties must be clearly stated.

The importance of a handing over report

  • The importance of the handing over report increases as we go up the hierarchy level of the organisation
  • The management level personnel must prepare a handing over report as their scope of duties to be performed is vast for their position.
  • The report will assists in understanding the roles and duties of the successor and help them to plan his work accordingly.
  • A handing over report can also be used as a reference if the personnel is stuck while performing a job, as details of duties, procedures are clearly mentioned in the report.

I always advise that short-term replacements don’t need to be provided with such detailed handovers and get the right successor for a post. The notice period given by the resignee are sufficient enough for HR to get a replacement for the position.

As for the newcomers, avoid implementing changes or making total transformation without read through and understand the handover notes as it will implement change without creating a complete roadmap, resulting in creating mess and jeopardising success and work in the future.

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